Sunday, 12 June 2011

Blessed are the cake bakers

The Solace tent at the Isle of Wight festival offers free cake. It's run by volunteers from churches who also offer to wash feet and say prayers.

“It’s a feast of hope and a model for other churches to follow,” said Roy Crowne, head of the nationwide initiative HOPE, which encourages churches to work together on projects like this one. “We’ll be following the Solace team and their adventures, because we want to learn from their example.”

Er, no.

It's FREE CAKE. I would let pretty much anyone wash my feet and pray over me for a slice of good homemade cake. Especially at a festival if I'd been chemically interfered with. Even if I was in such a state I couldn't remember my own name, my cake radar would still be fully functional.

The only example this is setting is that people like cake. It's not a feast of hope, it's a feast of cake.

According to the Solace Facebook page, they were praying for good weather this weekend. They should have spent more time praying and less time baking. I hope the cake didn't get wet.

There will also be a Solace stall at Bestival.


  1. Tempting innocent people with sweeties so you can wash their feet. Sounds well dodgy.

  2. It is an established fact that washing someone's feet is a more sublime form of eroticism. It can be exquisite without appearing to be immoral - and the Good Book doesn't condemn it, so it must be ok! Simultaneously eating cake would be too much for my self-control!!